25th Annual Conference
Rising Up in Unity to Fulfill God's Plan for the New Millennium
how God has used them

The theme for the 25th Annual Conference was "Rising Up in Unity to Fulfill God's Plan for the New Millennium". The guest speakers have proven ministries and are on the cutting edge of what the Holy Spirit is doing in the world today.

The Keynote speaker, Pastor Jill Boyonas, is the Fellowship's Superintendent the Philippines. His series of messages on "Creating a Habitation for God" was well received by the pastors, evangelists, missionaries and church workers.

One of the featured speakers was Pastor Gordon Houston, Senior Pastor of San Jacinto Assembly of God in Southern California. He shared how united prayer among churches and love in action has changed the spiritual, political, educational and economic make up of his community. Rev. Houston is featured on the widely distributed video, "Transformations". The video highlights different cities in the world that were transformed because of unity and prayer among Christian pastors and believers.

Rev. Rich Oliver, Senior Pastor of Family Christian Center in Orangevale, California ministered on the necessity of following God's presence in this critical hour in church history. Rev. Oliver is the Founder of the West Coast Revival Network, a relationship-based network of evangelical, spirit-filled pastors and ministers. Rev. Clinton Watson, Director of Campus Ministries for Perimeter Presbyterian Church in Duluth, Georgia, presented a powerful message entitled "Repentance - the Key to Revival".

Rev. Paul Tilley, Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle Assembly in Redding, California, shared how his ministry changed after the Holy Spirit brought him into a dramatically new close relationship with Jesus. Faith Tabernacle is known for training and sending out church workers, youth leaders and missionaries to the U.S. and the Philippines. On Saturday evening, their "Faith Aflame" youth group did an outstanding job of leading the praise and worship service and conducting a Youth Rally.

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