28th Annual Conference
God's Mandate to His Church for a World in Crisis
how God has used them

The theme of 28th Annual Conference, May 22-25, was "Front Line Leadership - God's Mandate to His Church for a World in Crisis". Drs. Frank and Barbara Abram returned as the Keynote Speakers. Other featured speakers included Rev. Nolan Peschke, Pastor Paul Tilley from Redding, California, Revs. Maria Moore and Elena Yakovlev, short-term missionaries to the nation of Georgia, Revs. Jerre and Mariquita Strong, forty year missionaries to north central Mexico, Pastor Ilima Moiha from the Big Island of Hawaii and Rev. Mike Tate. All did an outstanding job of ministering during the Conference meetings and the Men's and Women's Luncheons.

The Lord supernaturally confirmed His presence on the opening night of the Conference. When one of the ministers was dismayed at the number of people present at the opening meeting, Jesus appeared to him in a vision and told him, "I go where people are hungry for me."

The Ordination Service was a very significant time in advancing the Kingdom of God. The callings of seven ministers (three Ordained Ministers, three Licensed Ministers and one Exhorter) were confirmed. After Pastor Peschke's charge to the candidates, the full time ministers in the congregation were invited to confirm the candidates' callings through prayer with the laying on of hands. It was a precious time of unity and impartation.

Jesus dramatically confirmed His word with two important healings. A brother from Chowchilla, California was instantly healed of a severe back problem he had suffered with for twelve years (despite two surgeries). In answer to corporate prayer the Lord intervened and saved a new born baby from life threatening birth defects.

The presence of Jesus touched our hearts as Jerre and Mariquita Strong (church planters in Mexico) and five missionaries to the nation of Georgia shared their testimonies, songs, trials and goals for future ministry. The sincerity and pure devotion of these dedicated missionaries spoke deeply to us all.

Two of these missionaries, Vera and Elena ,became Licensed Ministers at the Conference. Both women were born in Abkhazia a region of about 50,000 people in the western part of Georgia. Vera accepted Christ during the civil war between Abkhazia and the nation of Georgia and began to pastor the believers that did not flee the country. In mid-summer 200,3 Vera and Elena will return to minister in this strategic area located between Europe, Russia and the Middle East.

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