29th Annual Conference
Desiring Transformation, Developing Unity
how God has used them

It was like days of heaven on earth during the 29th Annual Conference as pastors, ministers, believers and missionaries from many nations enjoyed the Lord's presence, received insight from Word and enjoyed precious times of fellowship together.

Various praise and worship teams from Northern California led us in anointed worship. On Friday night and Saturday morning the Lord moved in worship and ministry through Ken Winton from Chico, California. Delegates were energized to worship God with all their might on Saturday and Sunday nights with the help of Pastor Rudy Parker's praise team from Sacramento.

The Keynote Speaker, Dr. Frank Abram, ministered powerfully and prophetically. He shared a number of important words to individuals and regarding the United States and the Good Shepherd International Fellowship. For example, legendary missionary-evangelist T.L. Osborn told Brother Abram that the season of mass evangelism is returning to America.

The delegates enjoyed Brother Abram's messages concerning the word of God, prayer, moral absolutes and a fascinating message entitled, End Time Prophecies Now Being Fulfilled. In this message, Brother Abram described the electronically scanable identification chip the size of a grain of rice that has already been implanted in volunteers' right hands or foreheads. Is this the type of device that will assist the Beast system to control the world's economy?

Brother Abram noted that the Fellowship is now in its thirtieth year. Thirty represents maturity in the Jewish culture: the first year a Jewish man could hold political office, and the year Jesus began his ministry. Brother Abram said this would be the year God puts all the pieces together for the Fellowship and that as the Fellowship's "Moses", Rev. Peschke should "step out."

Don North, Senior Pastor of Trinity Bible Church in Oroville, California and a prayer facilitator for Pastor's Prayer Summits for eleven years, shared how God used him to begin the process of community transformation in the Oroville area. First God had to transform him, a "Preachers Kid" who did not want to be a pastor, to move from the mountains he loved down to the valley town of Oroville. Pastor North told us that yielding to God's plans has brought him fulfillment and joy.

Pastor North taught on the "Anatomy of Unity" and the "Ministry of Encouragement", sharing the principles of developing unity through God-ordained relationships with other pastors and community leaders. Here are some basics he shared: "You can't change something you don't love. You can't love something you don't know. Humility is the door to unity. Unity is a process. It takes intentionality, purpose, work and perseverance".

Pastor North also testified how the Holy Spirit set up relationship situations that ushered in representational forgiveness, healing and reconciliation between he as a white man and women, African Americans and First Nations people in his area.

Pastor Tilley, the Senior Pastor of Faith Assembly in Redding, California spoke on "Be the Keeper of Your Heart". Like Pastor North, Brother Tilley is the son of a pastor. He told us how the Lord helped him move from resisting full-time ministry to finding it his greatest joy.

Pastor Tilley shared how the Lord turned a difficult three-year trial into new ministry opportunities in Redding for him and his congregation. They are working within the judicial, legal, mental health and criminal justice systems of Redding and surrounding communities. For example, lawyers and the Sheriff have called Brother Tilley and ask him to pray for their difficult "clients". Bringing the Gospel that changes lives is what ministry is all about.

Pastor Ilima Moiha, the Senior Pastor of Gospel of Salvation Church on the Big Island of Hawaii gave a powerful message on "The World Reads Jesus in Us". She pointed out that becoming like Jesus begins with choices and that all our choices affect our communities. It all begins with willingness to pay the price to know and obey God's will. As Pastor Ilima put it, "Are we willing to do anything God that tells us to do? Do we live it before we speak it? Do we have no agenda of our own?" She concluded her message with two powerful stories that clearly illustrate people's deep need for fatherly and motherly love.

The ordination service is the most important time at any Annual Conference. Those at Sunday's Ordination service respected the seriousness of commissioning ministers into the ministry. God honored them with an unusual manifestation of peace as Pastor Peschke exhorted and commissioned six ministers into their callings. As a team of ministers confirmed the candidates' callings through prayer with the laying on of hands, many of the candidates received prophetic words of encouragement.

One of the highlights of the Conference was viewing two of the four "Transformations" videos. Produced by George Otis Jr., these videos highlight recent transformations in cities like Cali, Columbia and Hemet, California and in the nations of Fiji and Uganda. In each area, pastors and believers humbly cooperated across denominational lines to persevere in prayer, repentance and action until the Holy Spirit came and changed their communities.

In the communities highlighted in the four Transformations videos, cooperation between pastors has led to societal changes including obvious decreases in drug, alcohol and spousal abuse, political leaders publicly renouncing idolatry and dedicating their countries to the Lord Jesus Christ, educational leaders becoming Christians and increased economic prosperity. These videos increase our vision and desire to work together to help our communities fulfill their God-given destinies.

We were honored that Ruth Asmundson, the Mayor of Davis, welcomed the Conference delegates. A gracious lady, Mayor Asmundson shared how much prayer helps her in governing the City. A native of Isabela, Philippines, Mayor Asmundson was pleased to talk with Pastor Jill Boyonas, the Superintendent of the Good Shepherd Asia Foundation of the Philippines.

Pastor Jill Boyonas reported on the work of the GSIF Asia Foundation in the Philippines in 2004. Dr. Barbara Abram shared a message on the The Footsteps of a Godly Woman of Prayer.

The delegates left the Conference renewed and with a greater vision to work together with others to transform their communities through prayer, the Gospel and Holy Spirit empowered action.

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