31st Annual Conference
Change Us O God, through the Power of Your Son
how God has used them

In answer to the prayer, lives were changed at the 31st Annual Conference of the Good Shepherd International Fellowship held in Davis, California May 25th through May 28th, 2006.

Commenting on the Conference theme "Change Us O God, through the Power of Your Son", GSIF General Superintendent, Rev. Peschke stated, I believe that Christians transformed into Christ's image offer the hope that the world needs in this dark hour. Churches working together in the maturity and power of Christ's love can transform individuals, communities and nations.

On the opening night, Brother Abram, the Keynote Speaker, challenged the ministers. He declared, Do not hesitate in using the word the Spirit gives you to the Body. He pointed out that for the Body of Christ to chang,e there must be repentance and confession and bold, Spirit-led ministry from the heart --not just programs, preachers or prophets, not profit

In his messages, Evangelist Abram demonstrated that since 1948 the events in the Middle East have progressively fulfilled what Jesus prophesied would happen in the last of the end times. Quoting from the books of Daniel and Revelation he warned us not to yield to the seducing spirit that is trying to coil around the Body of Christ. This spirit tries to make believers focus on appearances in an effort to distract the Church from preaching the Gospel in the power of the name of Jesus, accompanied by signs, wonders and miracles.

In the final message of the Conference, Evangelist Abram referred to Daniel and the 16th chapter of Revelation and church history to identify who he believes will be the false prophet.

Sister Abram delighted the ladies at Saturday,s Womens Luncheon and preached a powerful heart-felt message on Pouring Out of the Heart in Prayer on Sunday morning. Only by listening to the tape of this message can you receive the full impact of this amazing message.

At the Mens Luncheon, Pastor, songwriter and singer Justin Todd Herod from Texas shared a strong message. He challenged the men to grow up in the fruit of Christ's life within us. Everyone enjoyed Pastor Herods' humility and anointed songs throughout the Conference.

On Friday morning Pastor Mark Gallego, Senior Pastor of Lighthouse Foursquare Church in Woodland, California shared the awesome power released when one person with a vision from the Lord refuses to back down from his confession of what God will do through him or her. He encouraged us that all the resources of the Kingdom of God are available to fulfill any God-given vision. He exhorted us to believe and patiently stand on the Word of God to pursue transformation and what he called an extreme makeover of our lives, churches and communities.

Rev. Clint Watson from Atlanta, Georgia highlighted the ministry of Gospel Outreach. This ministry reaches out from local churches and touches college students on campuses from Minnesota to Florida. Under their vision of "Building Laborers on the Campus for the Lost World", Gospel Outreach aims to "Think Big" -- to the world, start small -- with individuals and dig deep -- discipleship and leadership development. For the love of Christ and to better reach lost souls, Clint and his family have moved from the comfort and safety of the suburbs of Atlanta to minister to college students and other residents of Atlantas inner city.

Pastor Paul Tilley, Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle in Redding, California coined the word, "Tweakit" to describe how we all need shift our attitudes to be God pleasers instead of focusing on what He can do for us. Pastor Tilley described how many in the Body of Christ today, have diseases such as "Inselfalitus", "Mylaria", "Iphoid" and "Mevirus". Their attitude could be called a, "Whats in it for Me syndrome". He urged us to have a two way relationship with Jesus and to love a life that honors God -- showing unusual respect mingled with awe of Him and submission to His perfect will.

Pastor Paul also shared about Redding Transformation, a group of 120 pastors, business people and civic leaders that work together in spiritual and practical ways that present Christ to the people of Redding. He and another pastor in Redding helped to spearhead this group.

A father in the faith to many in the Body of Christ, General Superintendent Nolan Peschke imparted some of the wisdom he has acquired during his sixty-four years in the ministry into the candidates for ministry at Sunday afternoon's Ordination Service. Through prayer and the laying on of hands, Judith Miller was received as a Licensed Minister and Carlos Laurie, a junior at the University of California, took his first step as a minister of the Gospel by joining the Fellowship as an Exhorter.

Many were deeply touched by the ministry of the word and the Holy Spirit at the Conference. Ministers were challenged to press on to fulfill their call and to continue in the ministry with greater zeal. Some received personal words and inner healing. Others became more determined to reach lost souls.

We strongly urge you to benefit from Conference messages. We invite you to contact us by email: / Telephone us at (530) 758-7750 to inquire about the Conference messages recoded on CDs or cassette tapes.

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