Honoring Past Leaders
how God has used them

The Founder - Rev. Nolan B. Peschke

Rev. Nolan B. Peschke established the Good Shepherd International Fellowship in 1975 and was its General Superintendent until he passed into eternal glory on January 22, 2007.

Rev. Peschke was born January 3, 1924 into a farming family in an all-German-speaking Methodist rural community in Texas. Young Nolan first heard English when he walked into the one-room school house on his first day of school.

A spiritual father to many believers and ministers, Rev. Peschke felt called into the ministry at age six. At this tender age he often visited a clearing in the woods, set his Bible on a stump and preached to the trees. And as the wind moved the leaves, he imagined they were responding to his sermon and praising God.

At age thirteen Rev. Peschke made a conscious decision to accept Jesus at a revival. After being baptized in the Holy Spirit at age fourteen, he held his first evangelistic service from the porch of his aunt's home when he was seventeen. He made the seats himself, his aunt played the piano and people came and were saved.

By eighteen, Rev. Peschke was pastoring an Assemblies of God church in Harwood, Texas. As a pastor with the Evangelical Methodist Church, he frequently served on major committees at district conferences, and as Senior Pastor of churches in Texas, New Mexico, and California. In 1975, upon the urging of the Holy Spirit, he established the Word of Life Christian Center, a vibrant, non-denominational church in Davis, California.

Rev. Peschke's sixty five years of ministry was characterized by a growing love for Jesus and people. He loved everyone and treated all without partiality. His constant desire was that believers would mature in Christ by becoming healed inside and growing to be more and more like Jesus -- His person, His words and His works.

As a young minister Rev. Peschke internalized the words of John Wesley, "The world is my parish." His vision of unity within the Body of Christ was grounded in the prayer of Jesus recorded in John 17:21-23 and the exhortation of Paul in the fourth chapter of Ephesians to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bound of peace.

In later life Rev. Peschke was an apostolic father in the Body of Christ. He ministered in many denominational and non-denominational churches in the United States, Eastern Europe, Switzerland, Siberia, Mexico, and the Philippines. From villages in the Philippines, to youth camps in Poland, from cities in Russia, to the coffee shops of Davis, he preached the truth in love until age 83.

To the end of his journey on this earth, his life, prayers and words testified to the grace of God. Like the patriarchs of old, Pastor prayed, blessed and prophesied even during the last weeks of his lifeto those who visited him in the hospital.

One of Rev. Peschkes last prayers was, "Lord, even if it means my life let this church change Davis." Today we walk in the assurance that the revival he long prayed for will come.

May we follow Pastor Peschke's example as an overcomer. Let us rise up, cross over our "Jordans"" and conquer the "lands" God has called us to possess. It is God's will.!np!

Rev. Marin E. Pettet, Sr.

Until he went home to be with the Lord in 2003 at the age of seventy-three, Rev. Marin E. Pettet, Sr. was the Assistant General Superintendent Emeritus of the Good Shepherd International Fellowship. An Ordained Minister with the Fellowship since 1976, Rev. Pettet was born into a family of pastors, evangelists and missionaries. In the mid 1970's, Brother Pettet pastored several churches in California, including the Johannesburg Church, the Rovena School of Worship and served as the interim pastor of the Bishop Foursquare Indian Mission.

Rev. Pettet served as a evangelist and preached in a variety of pentecostal and evangelical churches, as well as in Indian missions in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Many have testified that Rev. Pettet always cheerfully helped local pastors in teaching, preaching and ministering. Rev. Pettet's wife Patricia, a member of the Good Shepherd International Fellowship since 1985, ministers among the Host Nations Peoples from her home on a reservation in Bishop, California.!np!

Jerre Strong

Jerre Strong, a beloved friend and a missionary to Mexico for fifty years, went to his eternal reward in Christ on December 16, 2006 in Nuevo Casas Grandes, Mexico.

Jerre became a member of the GSIF in 1994. GSIF Founder, Rev. Nolan Peschke was a close friend of Jerre for about fifty years and had many fond memories of ministering with him in Mexico. Jerre attended Nolan's church in El Paso Texas in the 1950's. They would fill up the back of Jerre's convertible with tracts, cross the border and hand them out in Juarez and villages.

After serving in the Korean war from 1953-1955, Jerre attended Bob Jones University. After going to Bob Jones he joined Pastor Peschke's Evangelical Methodist church in El Paso, Texas. While in Bible school in Mexico he met Mariquita, his future wife and partner in God's work.

When thinking of Jerre's death the phrase, "How the mighty have fallen," comes to my mind. Jerre was mighty in heart and in deeds in Mexico. Apostle Paul told the Corinthian church that although there are thousands of teachers, "but not many fathers". Jerre was truly a father and an apostle to Mexico.

Mexico is not an easy place to plant churches, but Jerre and Mariquita were very persistent in obeying God's call from their home base in Nuevo Casas Grandes. Together they established over twenty churches in Chihuahua and as far south as Mexico City, each one pastored by a Mexican national. Jerre and Mariquita led most of these pastors to the Lord and many would live with the Strongs until they were ready to pastor a church.

One of GSIF's Assistant General Superintendents recalled one of his ministry outreaches with Jerre as follows: "It was quite an experience, traveling hundreds of miles by bus and in Jerre's truck to the different churches. We visited pastors in small and large towns in the valleys, plains and in the mountains. Jerre's constant sharing and joking kept us from being bored. He was a humble man. If I hadn't paid attention, I might have missed the tremendous wisdom he had amassed as an evangelist, church planter and bishop over churches and ministers."

It was amazing what God did through Jerre's low keyed personality. He had limited financial resources--a few churches and individuals in the United States supported him, yet he built excellent church buildings from scratch. In the good times and the bad, he financially supported his pastors.

Shortly after Jerre died, Ruby, Jerre and Mariquita's oldest daughter told us that that Mariquita will turn seventy years old in January, 2007. Although the relatives offered to take Mariquita to the U.S., Mariquita will stay in Mexico to continue the work Jerre and she started forty years ago. The G.S.I.F. was honored to support Jerre and Mariquita's ministry for many years. We will continue to pray and support her labor of love.

To help Mariquita minister in Mexico, send your checks to Good Shepherd International Fellowship (G.S.I.F.) and designate them for Mexico. Our mailing address is:

P.O. Box 72895
Davis, CA 95617-2895.

One hundred percent of your gift will go to Mariquita's ministry.

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