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Licensure for Qualified Ministers

The Fellowship provides licensure for qualified ministers. Applicants may qualify for licensure after completing a membership application and being sponsored by their pastor or another seasoned minister who knows them personally. After reviewing the candidates background, sponsorship, ministry experience, statement of beliefs, and education, the candidate may qualify to become an Exhorter, a Licensed Minister, or an Ordained Minister. After the candidate's application is approved, the Fellowship will work to arrange a time to license or ordain the candidate through prayer with the laying on of hands. This is seen as an opportunity to spiritually strengthen the candidate and to confirm the calling on the minister's life.


Exhorters are those who are just beginning their ministry. Recommended by their local pastor, candidates to be Exhorters should have a history of service, good Christian character, solid basic theology, and recognized call to the ministry.

Licensed Minister

To become a Licensed Minister, the candidate should have been an Exhorter for at least one year, or have the equivalent ministerial experience under the supervision of a local pastor or acceptable ministry. Once a person has become a Licensed Minister, he or she is authorized to perform all sacerdotal services (marriages, funerals, etc.)

Ordained Minister

To become an Ordained Minister, a candidate should have served as a Licensed Minister in the Fellowship or have at least two years of equivalent ministerial leadership experience. Normally this involves teaching, preaching, and leading a life-style that clearly demonstrates the candidate is called by God to a leadership position. Ordained Ministers are qualified to perform all sacerdotal services.

Associate Membership

Ministers holding credentials in another church or another organization may become Associate members in the Good Shepherd International Fellowship. An Associate member enjoys all the same rights and privileges as other Fellowship members. To apply for Associate Membership, please contact the Fellowships office in Davis, California, USA.

Membership Fees: Your Investment

New applicants send a one-time Initial Application Fee of $50.00 and the first year's Registration Fee of $75.00 (for a total of $125.00 U.S. dollars) with their Application for Membership and/or Ordination form. Once a member is accepted into the Fellowship, he or she receives a membership card. A new membership card is issued every September after the Annual Renewal Fee of $75.00 Fee is received by September 1st at the Good Shepherd International Fellowship's office in the U.S.A.

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