Into Russia
how God has used them


The dismantling of the Soviet Union was a time of new beginnings for persecuted Russian Christians. Rev. Peschke received an invitation to come to Krasnoyarsk, an industrial city of over a million people in Central Siberia only recently opened to foreigners. In August 1992, after raising funds, he and Rev. Defenderfer traveled into the heart of Russia.

Upon their arrival, Pastor Peschke urged their local coordinator to gather many of the city's evangelical pastors. Most of these men had suffered under the Communist regime. While enduring persecution for their Christian faith, they were unified. However, after Perestroika some of them had divided over doctrinal differences. These pastors graciously received Nolan and Arthur. Nolan preached and ministered on Christ's prayer for unity among His disciples, and on the Apostle Paul's plea for unity to the churches at Corinth and Ephesus. He implored them to lay aside their differences and stay unified in Christ, so that the non-Christians might believe and receive Jesus as Lord. After praying together, the pastors embraced each other, were reconciled and pledged to lay aside their differences and work together for the salvation of their fellow Russians.

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